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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0253   ct dg;; mg pr hw
Q0427   cm1 mf1dg; fe/Co dp; mg pr? a3-Mr hw
Q0441   cm1 mf1 dg; fe/Co dp; mg a3-Mr hw
Q0442   y1 cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; mg pr hw
Q0444   cm1 mf1 dg; fe/Co dp; mg a3-Mr hw
Q0683   dg dl; m-w dp; mg pr [lt] hw a3-Mr
Q0727   s-1 tn1 tn2;; mg hw
Q0741   s-1 [stc];; mg [lt]? hw
Q0743   s-1 [stc];; mg [lt]? hw
Q0758   s-1 tn1 tn2 [stc];; mg hw a3-Mr
Q0759   s-1 tn1 tn2;; [lt] hw a3-Bz?
Q0774   s-1 tn1 tn2;; mg a3-Mr hw
Q0841   ct cm B1;; hw
Q0854   ct dg;; mg pr dk hw
Q1002   B1;; mg a3-Mr hw
Q1029   Co-H dg;; hw
Q1050   y1 cm;; a3-Bz/+ hw