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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0124   v1 re dg;; mg a3-Ry
Q0125   v1 re dg;; mg pr a3-Ry
Q0143   v1 re [ef];; dy pr a3-Ry [int]
Q0151   v1 re Co;; dy pr a3-Ry [int]
Q0173   v1 re dg br;; mg a3-Ry
Q0349   dw;; pr [lt] a3-Ry
Q0401   y1 cm1; fe dp; mg a3-Ry a3-Mr
Q0414   y1 cm1 mf1 dg; fe/Co dp; [int] a3-Ry
Q0420   y1 cm1 mf1; fe dp; pr a3-Ry
Q0422   y1 cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; pr a3-Ry
Q0435   y1 cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; pr a3-Ry
Q0436   y1 cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; pr a3-Ry
Q0594   y1 ct cm;; mg a3-Ry
Q0614   dl cp; m-w dp ct-w?; pr a3-Ry
Q0651   ct-w [stc]; m-w dp; [int] a3-Mr (a3-Ry)
Q0652   y1 ct-w [stc]; m-w dp; [int] a3-Mr (a3-Ry)
Q0672   dl; m-w dp; pr [lt] a3-Ry
Q0712   v1 s-1;; pr a3-Mr(a3-Ry)
Q0749   y1 v1 s-1 dp-pt;; pr? a3-Mr (a3-Ry)
Q0811   ct-w Co;; pr a3-Ry
Q0829   ct re Co cm;; pr a3-Ry
Q0832   y1 ct cm dg;; pr [lt] a3-Ry
Q0840   y1 ct B1 cm dp-pt;; mg a3-Ry
Q0902   v1 dg we; mg a3-Ry?(a3-Bz)
Q0903   v1 dg we; mg a3-Ry?(a3-Bz)
Q0909   v1 Gb we;; mg [lt] a3-Ry
Q0917   v1 dg we;; [lt] a3-Ry
Q0918   v1 dg we;; mg pr a3-Ry
Q0920   y1 v1 dg we;; pr [lt] a3-Ry
Q1043   y1 v1 dg we;; [int] a3-Ry
Q1051   y1 cm;; a3-Ry
Q1054   v1 wr Co ct-w?;; a3-Ry
Q1225 Chocolate  dg;; mg pr dy a3-Mr(a3-Ry)