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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0250   y1 ct dg;; mg pr
Q0253   ct dg;; mg pr hw
Q0257.1   ct dg;; mg pr tw
Q0312   ct dg;; a3?
Q0320   ct v1/+;; mg tw
Q0330   ct dg;; mg pr tw
Q0338   dw v1; ct ; mg pr [int] tw
Q0363   v1 ct;; mg pr tw
Q0594   y1 ct cm;; mg a3-Ry
Q0628   ct dg br; m-w dp; pr?
Q0636   ct; m-w dp; pr
Q0639   ct dg; m-w dp; pr [lt]
Q0658   y1 ct dg; cm m-w dp; pr
Q0680   ct cm; m-w fe dp; pr
Q0724   s-1 cu; ct; pr a3-Mr
Q0726   y1 v1 s-1 dg dp-pt; ct; mg pr tw
Q0744   v1 ct;; mg tw
Q0785   v1 s-1; ct dp; pr dy
Q0789   y1 (v1) s-1 dg dp-pt; ct; mg pr tw
Q0801   y1 ct dg;; pr [lt] tw
Q0807   ct;; [int]
Q0810   ct dg;; dy tw
Q0813   ct v1;; dy tw
Q0815   ct;; [wht]
Q0816   ct;; mg pr tw
Q0817   ct;; mg pr tw
Q0821   ct dg;; pr a3-f
Q0822   v1 ct br;; pr dy
Q0823   ct dg;; mg tw
Q0824   ct;; pr dy
Q0825   ct dg [re];;
Q0826   ct dg;; mg [int]
Q0828   ct dg;; [lt] Bz
Q0829   ct re Co cm;; pr a3-Ry
Q0832   y1 ct cm dg;; pr [lt] a3-Ry
Q0834   ct;; [int]
Q0835   ct dg cm;; mg tw
Q0837   ct dg; s-1; mg pr tw
Q0838   ct dg;; mg mt [int]
Q0839   ct dg;; mg mt [int]
Q0840   y1 ct B1 cm dp-pt;; mg a3-Ry
Q0841   ct cm B1;; hw
Q0844   ct re dg;; mg pr tw
Q0848   y1 ct cm Co;; [lt] a3-Mr
Q0851   ct dg;; mg mt [int]
Q0852   ct dg;; pr
Q0853   ct dg;; mg pr dk tw
Q0854   ct dg;; mg pr dk hw
Q0855   ct dg;; pr
Q0856   ct;; mg pr dy [int]