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You can search strains deposited in NIES-MCC and KU-MACC following phylogenetic trees.

Please click searching part in the following tree, or upper button.

CAUTION: Althougn trees are constructed from reliable informations of molecular phylogenetic studies, phylogenetic hypotheses may change due to the development of phylogenetic studies. The strains in the culture collections may not correspond with the organisms on tree because the identifications are not always correct in the culture collection nor published papers.

Life Bacteria Archaea Eukarya Amoebozoa Amoebozoa Opisthokonta Opisthokonta Fungi Salpingoeca Metazoa Excavata Excavata Euglenozoa Euglenophyceae Kinetoplastea Percolomonas Excavata Percolomonas Plantae Plantae Glaucophyta Glaucocystis Rhodophyta Porphyridium Antithamnion Viridiplantae Mesostigma Chlorella Micrasterias Codium Rhizaria Rhizaria Cercozoa Cercozoa Chlorarachniophyceae Foraminifera Chlorarachnion Alveolata Alveolata Dinophyta Ciliophora Tetrahymena Stramenopila Stramenopila Bicosoecea Heterokontophyta Achnanthes Chattonella Dinobryon Developayella Bicosoeca Haptophyta Cricosphaera Cryptista Cryptophyta Goniomonas Kathablepharidea Cryptomonas Goniomonas Leucocryptos