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Last Update August. 19, 2015
Version 1.13.9

Clone request

From November 1, 2008, RIKEN BRC takes over the distribution of Xenopus cDNAs and the site for clone request at NIBB will be closed. Please go to the following site for cDNA requests.

1. X. laevis anterior neuroectoderm EST clones (ex. XL410a01ex)
2. X. laevis Keller explans EST clones (ex. XL221a01ex)
3. X. laevis whole embryo(stage 10.5) EST clones (ex. XL141a02)
4. X. laevis whole embryo(stage 15) EST clones (ex. XL001a01)
5. X. laevis whole embryo(stage 25) EST clones (ex. XL104a02)
6. X. laevis anterior endomesoderm EST clones (ex. xlk51a01)
7. X. tropicalis embryo EST clones (ex. st10a01 )

RIKEN Bioresource Center - DNA Bank has started their distribution.
Please go the the following site and order clones accoring to the instructions.

http://dna.brc.riken.jp/ja/xenopus (Japanese)
http://dna.brc.riken.jp/en/NBRPxenopus_en.html (English)