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Movie of Wild moths
Antheraea pernyi Adult

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In appearance, Antheraea pernyi is similar to Antheraea yamamai. The antenna of the male Antheraea pernyi is smaller than that of Antheraea yamamai and its pattern is different. Its wing color is basically light brown and there is no variation among individuals, unlike the Antheraea yamamai, where individuals have striking difference in color. Similar to Antheraea yamamai, they emerge during evening until midnight. They use bamboo basket to mate. The moths are put into a bamboo basket with little space to even stretch their wings. They do not separate once they mate. The eggs are usually deposited on sawtooth oak leaves and seldom on branches.

Strain name Movie Number of
related strains
Larva Adult Copulation
Antheraea yamamai - 1
Antheraea pernyi - - 1
Samia cynthia ricini 1
Samia cynthia pryeri - 1
Rhodinia fugax - 1
Others -