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Movie of Wild moths
Samia cynthia ricini Adult

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The Samia cynthia ricini emerges in the day and mate in the night. Females have rounder wings than the males. The size of their antenna is not as striking as the Antheraea yamamai’s but the male’s antenna is broader than the female’s. The moth which emerged was released into the breeding room and its mating was captured by infrared camera. About an hour after filming started, the male moth started to fly about and then mated with a female moth. The female moth seldom moved but the male moth often flew around. Even though they were mating, there was another moth which tried to interrupt. Once they mate, they often remain paired together. Pulling the mating couple apart is called separating (of copulating moths) and it is done to increase egg production.

Strain name Movie Number of
related strains
Larva Adult Copulation
Antheraea yamamai - 1
Antheraea pernyi - - 1
Samia cynthia ricini 1
Samia cynthia pryeri - 1
Rhodinia fugax - 1
Others -