Wheat Information Service No.29 Wheat Information Service No.29


I. Research Notes:
K.P. DJELEPOV and G.A. CHAVDAROV:An induced mutant type sphaerococcoid in T. durum, p.1
K. NISHIKAWA and Y. SAWAI:Relative amount of nuclear DNA in tetraploid wheats, p.2
M. GUPTA, M.P. SINGH and C.S. KALIA:Frequency and spectrum of induced chlorophyll mutations in Triticum dicoccum, p.4
R.A. MCINTOSH and E.P. BAKER:Telocentric mapping of a second gene for grass-clump dwarfism, p.6
A.C. ZEVEN:Tom Pouce Blanc and Tom Pouce Barbu Rouge, two T. aestivum sources of very short straw, p.8
D. SINGH and B.C. JOSHI:Identification of the double satellited chromosome of hexaploid wheat variety PB. C591, p.10
M.D. UPADHYA:Pairing between the two arms of the same chromosome in nulli-5B haploid plants of Chinese Spring, p.10
P.D. BHARGAVA, P.C. TYAGI, M.A.Q. KHAN and R.P. CHANDOLA:Effect on seed viability of wheat varieties at various maturity levels and moisture content, p.11
C.M. TAHIR:Source of fertility-restoring genes for Ae. ovata and T. timopheevi cytoplasms, p.15
J. TABUSHI:Chromosome pairing and fertility in some interspecific hybrids of synthesized hexaploid wheats, p.17
J.R. LACADENA:Microsporogenesis in alloplasmic rye, p.21
D.H.R. LAMBERS and C.O. QUALSET:Observations on restoration of pollen fertility and outcrossing of cytoplasmic sterile wheat, p.23

II. Editorial Remarks:
Announcement for Future Issues, p.26
Subscription, p.26
Acknowledgement, p.26
Coordinating Committee, ...iii
Explanation of the Figure on the Cover, ...iii