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Nomenclature of such strains and genes will become easier once you learn 'e-Name'!
First, let us begin with an example of inbred strains (with mutant genes) in order to understand the composition of scientific strain names.
Scientific strain names are indicated by a combination of the strain, the gene, and the laboratory code.
Filling the following input box and clicking the 'go' button will give you the answer.
Answer :
  - /  
Mutant Strain - /
Transgenic Strain - Tg( ) /
Knockout Strain - tm1( ) /
Genetrap Strain - Gt( ) /
The naming tools can generate an candidate scientific strain name automatically.
  Beginner's Level Let us understand the composition of strain names.
  Intermediate Level Nomenclature of inbred strains, congenic strains, and mixed inbred strains.
  Advanced Level
Please refer to as many examples as possible to deepen understand of nomenclature.
Strain : Inbred strains (with mutant genes), congenic strains, and mixed inbred strains
Mutant Genes : Mutant genes, transgenes, knockout genes, and trapped genes
( Information on strains and genes that are not listed here can be found in the International Rules for Nomenclature of Mouse and Rat Strains (In Japanese). )
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Author : Hideki Kato (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)