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About BLASTScope

"BLASTScope" is the tool that makes an image of the gene alignment from the BLAST results file. You can execute this program on a web page.

Functions Of BLASTScope
  • Rearrangement function
  • You can sort the HITs order by score, location on query sequence, definition or alignment length.
    (Right: example of sorting order by location of query sequence)
  • Grouping Function
  • If the format of definition line of DB sequence is suitable for this function, you can divede HITS into groups and show in rows. In other cases, you can gather all HITS into one row. BLASTScopeImage
  • A Part Of Area Widening Function
  • You can bring up images that widen the area that you want reserch in detail.

    There are other options to customize the image of the BLAST results.
    Using BLASTScope, you can analyze the BLAST results efficiently.

    The procedure of using BLASTScope ( On the Web )
    BLASTScopeImage FormPage
    Please specify BLAST arguments and way to display. A push on the "Search" button starts reference.
    BLASTScopeImage Search Result Page
    Search result page includes an image, hit table, and alignment view.
    You can redo a setup of a display.

    The procedure of using BLASTScope ( Stand-alone Tool )
    BLASTScopeImage Query Sequence File(FASTA format)
    Executing BLAST
    Use "-m 7" argument for outputting result to XML format file.
    BLASTScopeImage BLAST result file (XML format).
    BLASTScopeImage Executing BLASTScope
    BLASTScopeImage Output of BLASTScope
    BLASTScope produces one HTML file and some picture files (PNG format).
    Please browse HTML file with web browser.