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Distribution -How to request

Basically, Kyushu University is currently undertaking the fifth generation of annual breeding for genetic research at the Institute of Genetic Resources Center. We distribute silkworms to applicants all year long. Basically, we distribute the eggs, but we can also distribute the larva, pupa and imago(adult) upon request. The silkworm breeding schedule of Kyushu University is as follows.
We would appreciate it if you make your request based on it. Please do not hesitate to make a request at times outside of this schedule but it will take up to one month for your strain to be bred and delivered to you.

The 2018 Silkworm Rearing Schedule

Phase Beginning of rearing Larval stage Pupal stage
1 May 4 May 4 - May 24 May 27 - Jun 6
2 Jun 22 Jun 22 - Jul 12 Jul 15 - Jul 23
3 Aug 10 Aug 10 - Aug 30 Sep 2 - Sep 10
4 Sep 27 Sep 27 - Oct 17 Oct 20 - Oct 28
5 Nov 14 Nov 14 - Dec 4 Dec 7 - Dec 15
6 Jan 10 Jan 10 - Jan 30 Feb 2 - Feb 10

You can order resources on the website (Operation of Web Order), by e-mail, phone, or fax. The handling fee is shown here.
Soon after receiving your order, we will send you the MTA form.
An invoice will be sent to you after we verify that the MTA you have sent us is valid.
Please refer to the following chart on how to order silkworms.

Steps to order silkworm eggs from EU countries.

  1. Place your order on the website or by e-mail, phone and fax. Soon after receiving your order, we will send you the MTA form.

  2. Fill out the MTA form (Material transfer agreement) and send it back to us.

  3. After receiving the MTA from you, an invoice will be sent to you from the accounting division of Kyushu University. It will take more than one week to be delivered. Price differs between academic and non-academic users.
  4. Please pay the charges including the shipping fees. The charges consists of the fee for the eggs, the shipping fee (*1), and the bank transfer fee (*2).
    • *1: Shipping fee is 1,500 YEN from Japan to EU countries.
    • *2 : Bank transfer fee includes 1, 500 YEN for Japanese bank and approximately 5,000 Japanese YEN for the bank of your country (rates differ between banks)
    • *3 : EURO=143 YEN (Apr 1, 2014)

  5. After we confirm your payment, NBRP silkworm will send the requested eggs to you via EMS (express mail service). Shipping from Japan to EU countries takes about one week. The eggs will hatch approximately after 10 days of incubation at 25 degrees. Please order the eggs at least one month in advance before you plan to start rearing the silkworms.

You can find resources from the 'Strain List'. Please contact us at the following address if you require assistance.


Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University
744, Motooka, Fukuoka Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, 819-0385
Yutaka Banno

tel & fax :092-802-4822