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Genes : Ze

Symbol Ze
Character marking, colour
Chr.No 3
Map 20.8
Name Zebra
Explanation Spontaneous;narrow black bands on anterior portion of each larval segment, head cuticle dark brown in both sides: ZeF(ぼけ虎, Zebra-faded) outlines of black markings indistinct.
Allele ZeF
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Reference Toyama[7-259] ,Bull.Coll.Agric.Tokyo Univ.
Toyama[7-259] ,Bull.Coll.Agric.Tokyo Univ.
Related strains f40, m22, i21, w13, u49, f03, r04, r02, b60, d31, r03, b602, m01, o05, t42, l70, ...etc.

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