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Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group) chloroplast genome. (X15901)

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/gene or /note Ft. key /protein_id /product Location (Links to Genome Map)
psbA   CDS  CAA34007.1  PSII 32kDa protein  complement(82..1143)  
tRNA-Lys (UUU)   tRNA      complement(join(1363..1397, 3902..3938))  
tRNA-Lys (UUU)   CDS  CAA34008.1    complement(1668..3296)  
rps16   CDS  CAA34009.1  ribosomal protein S16  complement(join(4487..4635, 5514..5553))  
tRNA-Gln (UUG)   tRNA      complement(6615..6687)  
psbK   CDS  CAA34010.1  PSII K protein  7033..7218  
psbI   CDS  CAA34011.1  PSII I protein  7608..7718  
tRNA-Ser (GCU)   tRNA      complement(7829..7916)  
unnamed protein product; ORF100   CDS  CAA34012.1    8349..8651  
psbD   CDS  CAA34013.1  PSII D2 protein  8900..9961  
psbC   CDS  CAA34014.1  PSII 43kDa protein  9909..11330  
tRNA-Ser (UGA)   tRNA      complement(11503..11590)  
unnamed protein product; ORF62   CDS  CAA34015.1    11937..12125  
tRNA-Gly (GCC)   tRNA      12331..12401  
tRNA-Gly (GCC)   tRNA      complement(12528..12601)  
tRNA-fMet (CAU)   tRNA      complement(12839..12912)  
tRNA-Gly (UCC)   tRNA      complement(join(13010..13050, 13729..13752))  
unnamed protein product; ORF91   CDS  CAA33982.1    complement(14077..14346)  
unnamed protein product; ORF70   CDS  CAA33983.1    complement(14571..14783)  
tRNA-Thr (GGU)   tRNA      15060..15131  
tRNA-Thr (GGU)   tRNA      15128..15200  
tRNA-Glu (UCC)   tRNA      15650..15722  
tRNA-Tyr (GUA)   tRNA      15784..15867  
tRNA-Asp (GUC)   tRNA      16231..16304  
psbM   CDS  CAA33984.1  PSII low MW protein  16685..16789  
unnamed protein product; ORF29   CDS  CAA33985.1    complement(17556..17645)  
tRNA-Cys (GCA)   tRNA      complement(18059..18129)  
rpoB   CDS  CAA33986.1  RNA polymerase beta subunit  19214..22441  
rpoC1   CDS  CAA33987.1  RNA polymerase beta' subunit-1  22479..24527  
rpoC2   CDS  CAA33988.1  RNA polymerase beta' subunit-2  24727..29268  
rps2   CDS  CAA33989.1  ribosomal protein S2  29540..30250  
atpI   CDS  CAA33990.1  ATPase a subunit  30501..31244  
atpH   CDS  CAA33991.1  ATPase III subunit  32039..32284  
atpF   CDS  CAA33992.1  ATPase I subunit  join(32741..32885, 33714..34111)  
atpA   CDS  CAA33993.1  ATPase alpha subunit  34210..35733  
tRNA-Arg (UCU)   tRNA      complement(35866..35937)  
chimeric pseudogene fusing trnfM(CAU) to trnG(UCC)   tRNA      complement(36073..36147)  
rps14   CDS  CAA33994.1  ribosomal protein S14  complement(36309..36620)  
psaB   CDS  CAA33995.1  PSI P700 apoprotein A2  complement(36768..38972)  
psaA   CDS  CAA33996.1  PSI P700 apoprotein A1  complement(38998..41250)  
unnamed protein product; ORF170   CDS  CAA33997.1    complement(join(41851..42006, 42739..42968, 43714..43837))  
tRNA-Ser (GGA)   tRNA      44438..44524  
unnamed protein product; rps4; ribosomal protein S4   CDS  CAA33998.1    complement(44810..45415)  
tRNA-Thr (UGU)   tRNA      complement(45715..45787)  
tRNA-Leu (UAA)   tRNA      join(46558..46592, 47133..47182)  
tRNA-Phe (GAA)   tRNA      47425..47497  
unnamed protein product; ORF159   CDS  CAA33999.1    complement(47992..48471)  
unnamed protein product; psbG; PSII G protein   CDS  CAA34000.1    complement(48569..49309)  
unnamed protein product; ndhC; NADH dehydrogenase ND3   CDS  CAA34001.1    complement(49300..49662)  
tRNA-Val (UAC)   tRNA      complement(join(50367..50401, 50999..51037))