chimpanzee : Jhonny

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:0284    (2018-10-11Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Jhonny
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies P. t. schweinfurthii
Date of birth 1980?
Place of birth Wild (Zaire (Africa))
Current facility Hamamatsu City Zoo
The individual sometimes displays through hand standing and making a loud noise by his feet. He is often injured owing to the display.
When there is a heavy rain fall, the individual's tension quickly becomes high. In the case of a normal rain, his tension is not high and he is calm. When he first met his son, Jun, it broke the son's arm. When he is with Chieko, he gets excited and bites Chieko. Therefore, they are separated in general. He was more close to late Marko than Chieko.
Life history
1980? Jhonny was born in Zaire.
1986.10.31 Jhonny moved to Hamamatsu City Zoo.
1989.04.12  {0336}  was born of Marko  {0200}  and Jhonny.
1993.07.21  {0501}  was born of Marko  {0200}  and Jhonny.
1994.08.12 Marko  {0200}  had miscarriage of her baby  {9049}  whose father is Jhonny  {0284} 
1995.06.25 Jun  {0539}  was born of Marko  {0200}  and Jhonny.
2003.01.24  {0664}  was stillbirth. Whose mother was Marko  {0200} .
2003.10.14  {0664}  was stillbirth. Whose mother was Marko  {0200} .
2018.10.09 Jhonny died from acute pancreatitis.
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