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Name On
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies Hylobates lar
Date of birth 1958?
Place of birth unknown
Current facility Kushiro City Zoo
The individual is covered with black hair. He likes to nap on the floor on warm days with its arms and legs outstretched. He gets along with Miku . He likes steamed sweet potatoes and sometimes leaves vegetables, pineapples, dried sardines, melons, or watermelons.
He had no name at first but has since been called On (implying male), which then became his name.
As of March 2011, he had been raised for fifty-two years in the country, and thus, he is presumably fifty-two years or older, which is the oldest white-handed gibbon on record in the country (for reference, the world record for the oldest white-handed gibbon is Samantha at the San Antonio Zoo, and presumably died at age 56 in 2008. The world record for the oldest Muller's bornean gibbon is Nippy, which presumably died at age 60 in 2008).
The duet of On and Miku, Sound file, was recorded on August 23, 2011.
The individual is basically temperate. In fact, he has been temperate for the past twenty years, during which time keepers have taken care of him. He was dominant, at least over {0150}, with whom he had lived in the past. He often made concessions for Miku.
He frequently groomed Miku . Although he used to maintain its distance from humans, he tends to get close to humans now without fear.
Life history
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Research results using samples from this individual
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