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For provision of the fly stocks, the MTA execution between user and Kyorin University is now required.
The procedure of the MTA execution, you can proceed to procedure by click "Order" button of appropriate stock(s).

Request Stock # Status Species Strain Chromosome genotype Linkage
k-aa142 LIVE D. ananassae y-Br XLa-XRa-2La-2MIDa-2Ra-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-aaa001 LIVE D. ananassae AABBg1 XLST-XRST-2LST-2RST-3LA-3RST  
k-aaa010 LIVE D. ananassae HYD19 XLST-XRST-2LA-2RST-3LA-3RST  
k-aaa013 LIVE D. ananassae NOU78 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST,A  
k-aaa020 LIVE D. ananassae Tonga XLST-XRST-2LST-2RST-3LST,A-3RST  
k-aaa030 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ2 XLST-XRST-2LA-2RST-3LA-3RST  
k-aaa031 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ3 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST  
k-aaa032 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ4 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LA-3RST,A  
k-aaa034 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ6 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LA-3RST,A  
k-aaa036 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ8 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST,A  
k-aaa037 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ9 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST,A  
k-aaa038 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ10 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST,A  
k-aaa039 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ11 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST  
k-aaa040 LIVE D. ananassae KMJ12 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST,A  
k-aaa041 EtOH D. ananassae KMJ13 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LA-3RST,A  
k-aaa075 LIVE D. ananassae NAZE4 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LA-3RST,A  
k-aaa076 LIVE D. ananassae NAZE5 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LA-3RST,A  
k-aaa077 LIVE D. ananassae NAZE6 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LA-3RST,A  
k-aaa078 EtOH D. ananassae NAZE7 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LA-3RST,A  
k-aaa079 EtOH D. ananassae NAZE8 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST,A  
k-aaa080 EtOH D. ananassae NAZE9 XLST-XRST-2LST,A-2RST-3LST,A-3RST,A  
k-aaa100 LIVE D. ananassae VAV150 XLST-XRST-2LST-2RST-3LST-3RST  
k-aaa220 LIVE D. ananassae NAN84 XLST-XRST-2LST,A,PI1-2RST,PI1-3LST-3RST  
k-aaa222 LIVE D. ananassae N87 XLST-XRST-2LComp.INV-2RINV(ST/A?)-3LST-3RST  
k-aaa226 LIVE D. ananassae TBU209 XLST-XRST-2LST-2RST-3LST-3RST  

1-25/ 26-50/ 51-68

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