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For provision of the fly stocks, the MTA execution between user and Kyorin University is now required.
The procedure of the MTA execution, you can proceed to procedure by click "Order" button of appropriate stock(s).

Request Stock # Status Species Strain Chromosome genotype Linkage
k-anapal002 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1A6 XLa-XRa-2Lp-2MIDa-2Rp-3La-3MIDp-3Rp-4p  
k-anapal004 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1C3 XLa-XRp-2La-2MIDa-2Ra-3Lp-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal006 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1C14 XLa-XRa-2La-2MIDa-2Ra-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4p  
k-anapal007 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1D7 XLa-XRa-2La-2MIDa-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal013 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1E 17 XLa-XRp-2Lp-2MIDp-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDp-3Rp-4p  
k-anapal014 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1E 18 XLa-XRa-2La-2MIDa-2Ra-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4p  
k-anapal018 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1F21 XLa-XRp-2La-2MIDa-2Ra-3Lp-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal030 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1F65 XLp-XRp-2Lp-2MIDp-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDp-3Rp-4p  
k-anapal032 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1F77 XLa-XRa-2Lp-2MIDa-2Ra-3Lp-3MIDa-3Rp-4a  
k-anapal038 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1G3 XLa-XRa-2La-2MIDp-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDa-3Ra-4p  
k-anapal042 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1G21 XLa-XRp-2La-2MIDp-2Rp-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal052 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1H14 XLp-XRp-2Lp-2MIDp-2Rp-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4p  
k-anapal059 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1H31 XLp-XRa-2Lp-2MIDp-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDa-3Ra-4p  
k-anapal061 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1J4 XLa-XRp-2Lp-2MIDp-2Rp-3La-3MIDa-3Rp-4a  
k-anapal063 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1J10 XLp-XRa-2La-2MIDa-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal065 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1J12 XLa-XRa-2Lp-2MIDp-2Rp-3La-3MIDa-3Rp-4a  
k-anapal069 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1K4 XLa-XRa-2La-2MIDa-2Rp-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal074 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1K19 XLp-XRa-2La-2MIDp-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDp-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal083 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1N13 XLa-XRp-2La-2MIDa-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDa-3Ra-4a  
k-anapal084 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1N17 XLa-XRp-2La-2MIDa-2Rp-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4p  
k-anapal085 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1N23 XLa-XRa-2Lp-2MIDa-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDp-3Rp-4p  
k-anapal086 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1N24 XLp-XRp-2Lp-2MIDp-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDa-3Rp-4p  
k-anapal088 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1N32 XLa-XRp-2La-2MIDa-2Ra-3La-3MIDa-3Ra-4p  
k-anapal090 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1N51 XLp-XRp-2Lp-2MIDa-2Rp-3Lp-3MIDp-3Rp-4p  
k-anapal095 EtOH Hybrid ana/pal 1N63 XLa-XRa-2La-2MIDp-2Ra-3Lp-3MIDa-3Rp-4p  

1-25/ 26-50/ 51-75/ 76-83

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