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For provision of the fly stocks, the MTA execution between user and Kyorin University is now required.
The procedure of the MTA execution, you can proceed to procedure by click "Order" button of appropriate stock(s).

Request Stock # Status Genus Species Sub-Species Strain Locality Country Genetic Background Tucson stock #
E-12401 LIVE Chymomyza C. procnemis na 2631.01-TC Hawaii USA   na
E-16401 LIVE Scaptodrosophila Sca. subtilis na MT96 Ehime Japan   na
E-17301 LIVE Scaptodrosophila Sca. Sca. bryani na KMJM25 Okinawa Japan   na
E-21301 LIVE Hirtodrosophila H. duncani na dun0075.00 Florida USA   na
E-21401 LIVE Scaptodrosophila Sca. lebanoensis na leb0011.00 Utah USA   na
k-awa022 LIVE Scaptodrosophila Sca. bryani na IR-J01 Iriomote Japan   na
k-awa023 LIVE Scaptodrosophila Sca. coracina na IR-M03 Iriomote Japan   na
k-awa029 LIVE Scaptodrosophila Sca. dorsocentalis na IR-J02 Iriomote Japan   na
k-xaa001 LIVE Chymomyza C. procnemis na Kokura Kokura, Fukuoka Japan   na
k-xaa002 LIVE Chymomyza C. procnemis na Oahu Oahu, Hawaii U.S.A.   20000-2631.01
k-xab001 LIVE Chymomyza C. pararufithorax na Yonakuni Yonaguni, Okinawa Japan   na


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