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Request Stock # Status Genus Species Sub-Species Strain Locality Country Genetic Background Tucson stock #
k-s01 LIVE Drosophila D. ananassae na AABBg1 Hawaii U.S.A. Inbred line, Sequencing strain Donated by Muneo Matsuda (11/30/2003). This stock has the follow: 2nd chromosome homozygous for standard arragement. 3rd chromosome homozygous for ln(3L)A. Chromosomes 2 and 3 segregated at the University of Texas. Then, donated to Moriwaki in 1951. In 1967, Tobari made two inbred lines, AAAA and BBBB by 10 pair mating generations. He obtain an hybrid from a pair mating between the two lines. Then, single F1 flies were repeated backcrossing to BBBB strain for six generations: AABBg1 was established. The AABBg1 stock was derived from a single chromosome. The procedure of making the inbred stock is published in Tobari and Kojima (1967). Then, stock was maintained as a small mass culture for 35 years. In 2003 it was inbred for single pair mating during two generations. 14024-0371.13
k-s02 LIVE Drosophila D. erecta na 0224.00 unknown unknown Inbred line, Sequencing strain. Stock 14021-0224.00 inbred 8 generations by Castrezana in the Stock Center. This stock has a tetracycline treatment (8/23/04). 14021-0224.01
k-s03 LIVE Drosophila D. yakuba na Tai18E2 Between Liberia and Ivory Coast Liberia Inbred line, Sequencing strain. Donated by David Begun (06/18/2004). Stock inbred 7 generations in Coyne's lab (2001). Then, Llopart established a homokaryotypic (2Rn) subline from a single pair mating. 14021-0261.01
k-s04 LIVE Drosophila D. melanogaster na (Bloomington 2057) Genome project WGS strain na na Stock established from multifemale collection, Sequencing strain. Stock purchased from the Bloomington Stock Center (06/2005). It was originally donated to Bloomington by Jim Kennison in 09/01/1994. With FlyBase ID FBst0002057 14021-0231.36
k-s10 LIVE Drosophila D. sechellia na 3C Cousin Island Seychelles Inbred line, Sequencing strain. Donated by Corbin Jones (11/2003). This line name C started from Robertson female obtained from Jerry Coyne. Inbred three generations by Corbin Jones. Inbred six generations by Castrezana in the Stock Center (2004). TOTAL OF NINE GENERATIONS INBRED. 14021-0248.25
k-s11 LIVE Drosophila D. persimilis na MSH3 Mount. St. Helena, California U.S.A. Inbred line, Sequencing strain. Donated by Carlos Machado (01/2004). Identifed by Mohamed Noor using polytene chromosomes. This stock was inbred 15 generations by Carlos Machado (2003). Complete collection site: Robert Louis Stevenson State Park 14011-0111.49
k-s12 LIVE Drosophila D. pseudoobscura na MV2-25 Colorado USA Inbred line, Sequencing strain. line MV2-25 Baylor sequencing strain. Unknown inbred generations. 14011-0121.94
k-s13 LIVE Drosophila D. willistoni na Gd-H4-0 Guadaloupe Island France Inbred line, Sequencing strain. Donated by Jeffrey Powell (12/2003). This stock was inbred 4 generations by Jeff Powell (12/2003). Then, 5 generations inbred by Castrezana in the Stock Center (7/23/2004). Jeff Powell obtained the strain from Lee Ehrman in 1990. This isofemale strain was found to be homokaryotypic by Vera Valente. 14030-0811.24
k-s14 LIVE Drosophila D. virilis na V46 na na Inbred line, Sequencing strain. Stock donated by Bryant McAllister (10/2003). This stock was inbred 14 generations from mutant stock # 15010-1051.46 by Bryant McAllister. Then,two generations inbred in the Stock Center by Castrezana (01/2004). This stock is a multiple marked strain apparently created by The Institute for Developmental Biology in Moscow before it was donated to the TSC. 15010-1051.87
k-s15 LIVE Drosophila D. mojavensis na CI 12 IB-4 g8 Catalina Island, California USA Inbred line, Sequencing strain. Donated by Laura Reed (04/2004). Inbred eight generations through single brother-sister pairs by Laura Reed (2003-2004). 15081-1352.22
k-s16 EtOH Drosophila D. grimshawi na G1 Auwahi, Maui U.S.A. na 15287-2541.00


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