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For provision of the fly stocks, the MTA execution between user and Kyorin University is now required.
The procedure of the MTA execution, you can proceed to procedure by click "Order" button of appropriate stock(s).

Request Species Stock No. Tucson stock number Materials
D.ananassae k-s01 14024-0371.13  
D.erecta k-s02 14021-0224.01  
D.yakuba k-s03 14021-0261.01  
D.melanogaster k-s04 14021-0231.36  
D.simulans k-s05 14021-0251.194  
D.simulans k-s06 14021-0251.195  
D.simulans k-s07 14021-0251.196  
D.simulans k-s08 14021-0251.197  
D.simulans k-s09 14021-0251.198  
D.sechellia k-s10 14021-0248.25  
D.persimilis k-s11 14011-0111.49  
D.pseudoobscura k-s12 14011-0121.94  
D.willistoni k-s13 14030-0811.24  
D.virilis k-s14 15010-1051.87  
D.mojavensis k-s15 15081-1352.22  
D.grimshawi k-s16 15287-2541.00  


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