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 Detail Information: k-aa126

For provision of the fly stocks, the MTA execution between user and Kyorin University is now required.
The procedure of the MTA execution, you can proceed to procedure by click "Order" button of appropriate stock(s).

 Strain Information
Stock number k-aa126
Status LIVE
Species D.ananassae
Strain na
Subspecies na
Genotypes sn[k] sc[24] rb[2] m[62] fa[16]
Linkage 1
Chromosome genotype  
Genetic Background  
Complex ananassae
Subgroup ananassae
Group melanogaster
Subgenus Sophophora
Genus Drosophila
Collection Year  
Collector or Origin  
Tucson _Sandiego_ No na
Subcategory Mutants
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