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Shotaro Takenaka, Miyuki Nitta, Taihachi Kawahara, and Shuhei Nasuda
"Core-collection" Project of the National BioResource Project-Wheat, Japan: 2015 Progress report
eWIS-2016-0014 , Published : October 12, 2016

Kanako Kawaura, Kazuko Umeda, Yasunari Ogihara
National BioResource Project of Japan III : DNA resource of Wheat, 2015
eWIS-2016-0013 , Published : October 12, 2016

Taihachi Kawahara, Shuhei Nasuda, Tomohiro Ban and Shun Sakuma
The report of National Bioresource Project-Wheat III. Seed resources, 2015.
eWIS-2016-0012 , Published : October 12, 2016

Shuhei Nasuda
A report of the third term of the National BioResource Project-Wheat, Japan: Fiscal year 2015
eWIS-2016-0011 , Published : October 12, 2016

SK Singh, Suresh Kumar, RP Gangwar, Devmani and V Tiwari
Diversification of cytoplasmic male sterility in Indian varieties through back cross breeding
eWIS-2016-0010 , Published : October 21, 2016

Vikender Kaur, Pranusha Pulivendula, Anita Kumari
Excised leaf water loss in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) as affected by short periods of heat and water-deficit treatment followed by recovery
eWIS-2016-0009 , Published : April 26, 2016