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Acc No / gene   / product   / note   / gene synonym   / standard name  
AB000406 PP2A  protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit       
AB000458 Xem1  transmembrane protein  putative     
AB000736   myelin basic protein       
AB000825 xSox-B1         
AB001073 XAR4  activin type I receptor       
AB001469 xlimk1  Xlimk1       
AB002267   aldolase  aldolase A     
AB002629   p100-NFkappaB2  transcription factor     
AB003078   fast skeletal troponin C alpha       
AB003079   fast skeletal troponin C beta       
AB003080   cardiac troponin C       
AB003358 Lyn  Lyn protein tyrosine kinase       
AB003582   Dr1  TBP-binding repressor     
AB003699   Cdc7-related kinase       
AB004782   20S proteasome alpha 4 subunit  XC6     
AB004793   DUF87       
AB004794   DUF140       
AB005292   Zic3 protein  zinc finger protein     
AB006678   FK 506-binding protein       
AB006906   vitellogenin receptor       
AB007035   FGF receptor 3  XL-3     
AB007036   FGF receptor 4a  XL-4a     
AB007037   FGF receptor 4b  XL-4b     
AB007468   alpha-2,8-polysialyltransferase       
AB007597 Xcirp  cold-inducible RNA binding protein       
AB008162 N-CAM 1  neural cell adhesion molecule       
AB008163 N-CAM 2  neural cell adhesion molecule       
AB008225   Na+-glucose cotransporter type 1 (SGLT-1)-like protein  xSGLT1L     
AB008773 Prox 1         
AB009072   mannose-binding protein-associated serine protease 2  MASP2     
AB009564 Zic1  Zic1 protein  zinc finger protein     
AB009565 Zic2  Zic2 protein  zinc finger protein     
AB012615 XFGF-20  XFGF-20       
AB013896 Sox-D  SOX-D       
AB014091   alpha-1-antiproteinase       
AB014461 Sox-D  Zic-related-2       
AB014462 XNLRR-1  neuronal leucine-rich repeat protein       
AB014463     unnamed protein product; lens specific     
AB014611 XFD-6  XFD-6       
AB015205   contactin A  Contactin A is likely to be a non-allelic isoform of Contactin (DDBJ Acc# No.D86505).     
AB016434 dna-pkcs  DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit       
AB016717   aldehyde dehydrogenase class 1       
AB016718   aldehyde dehydrogenase class 1       
AB016729 Mcm4, dna-pkcs  MCM4, DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit       
AB017701 stat 3  stat 3       
AB018189 NO27         
AB018419 Xbub3  mitotic checkpoint  contains WD40 repeat motif     
AB018694 Xepsin  epidermis specific serine protease  serine protease     
AB018696 RanBPM         
AB019218 Chk1  Checkpoint kinase Chk1       
AB019520 Id2  helix-loop-helix type negative regulator Id2       
AB019556 Nek2  Nek2A       
AB019557 Nek2  Nek2B       
AB020319   Ximpact  xenopus homolog of a mouse imprinted gene Impact     
AB020608   human Ku70 autoantigen homologue       
AB020609   human Ku80 autoantigen homologue       
AB021258     unnamed protein product; similar to mouse imprinted gene impact     
AB021705   XMAP4       
AB021737   Requiem protein       
AB021738   Requiem protein       
AB021739   Requiem protein       
AB021740   Requiem protein       
AB021741   Requiem protein       
AB022087   cytochrome P450       
AB022088   cytochrome P450       
AB022671   cytochrome P450 XL-304  belong to CYP4 family     
AB022672   cytochrome P450 XL-301  belong to CYP4 family     
AB022680 Xbra3  Brachyury-like T-box transcription factor       
AB022691   TAF-Ibeta1       
AB022692   TAF-Ibeta2       
AB022721 XSmad4a  Xsmad4a       
AB022722 Xsmad4b  XSmad4b       
AB022787 Xksy  tyrosine kinase  Sky family     
AB023807 MNK1  MAP kinase-interacting kinase1       
AB023815 Tbx2  T-box transcription factor Tbx2       
AB024524 XALDB1  aldolase B       
AB025111 XGC-1  guanylyl cyclase-1       
AB025112 XGC-2  guanylyl cyclase-2       
AB025245   coronin homolog       
AB025246   coronin homolog       
AB025414 pcm-1  PCM-1       
AB026192   Kielin  a Xenopus midline signalling molecule     
AB026995 Xoom  oocyte membrane protein       
AB026996   transthyretin       
AB027022   DNase I       
AB027411 c-met  c-met/hepatocyte growth factor receptor       
AB027453   secretory protein containing EGF domain  Calcium binding EGF domain; EGF like domain (aa:30-64 EGF_2, 126-137 EGF_1, 178-214 EGF_CA2, 216-252 EGF_CA2, 254-290 EGF_CA2, 292-329 EGF_CA2, 331-367 EGF_CA2, 369-425 EGF_CA2, 427-463 EGF_CA2, 465-507 EGF_CA2, 513-548 EGF_2, 759-775 EGF_1); laminin-G domain     
AB027463   20S proteasome alpha 4 subunit       
AB027499   paxillin  cell cycle-dependent expression     
AB027537 X-Serrate-1  X-Serrate-1 protein  EGF-like repeats; signal peptide; transmembrane protein     
AB027611   cortactin  Xenopus Cortactin     
AB028243 Xbtg1  Xbtg1  BTG1 acts as an inhibitor of cell proliferation; a putative homologue of B-cell translocation protein 1 (BTG1)     
AB029074   champignon  POZ/BTB domain in N terminal region     
AB030443   prolactin receptor       
AB030502 XDRP1  XDRP1       
AB030822 XALDB2  aldolase B       
AB030827 Xsal-3  Xsal-3 long form, Xsal-3 short form       
AB030828 Xsal-3'  Xsal-3' long form       
AB030904   thimet oligopeptidase       
AB030945 Xran  ran GTP-binding protein       
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