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   NCBI-GenBank Release 220.0 ( June 15, 2017 ) updated June 26

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Acc No / gene   / product   / note   / gene synonym   / standard name  
AB000801   chalcone synthase       
AB001348   betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase       
AB001682 wsi18         
AB001882   zinc finger protein       
AB001883   zinc finger protein       
AB001884   zinc finger protein       
AB001885   zinc finger protein       
AB001886   zinc finger protein       
AB001887   zinc finger protein       
AB001888   zinc finger protein       
AB001919   phospholipase D       
AB001920   phospholipase D       
AB002109   protein kinase  a novel protein kinase     
AB002266   XA1       
AB002820 RicMT  metallothionein-like protein       
AB003194   chitinase IIb       
AB003195   basic class III chitinase OsChib3b       
AB003322   MADS box-like protein       
AB003323   MADS box-like protein       
AB003324   MADS box-like protein       
AB003325   MADS box-like protein       
AB003326   MADS box-like protein       
AB003327   MADS box-like protein       
AB003328   MADS box-like protein       
AB003491 trpB  tryptophan synthase B       
AB003495 dfr  dihydroflavonol 4-reductase       
AB003496 dfr  dihydroflavonol 4-reductase       
AB004461   DNA polymerase alpha catalytic subunit       
AB004648 RepA  cysteine endopeptidase       
AB004660   NLS receptor       
AB004768 catA1  catalase       
AB004769 catA2  catalase       
AB004770 catA1  catalase       
AB004771 catA2  catalase       
AB004772 catA  catalase       
AB004773 catA  catalase       
AB004774 catA  catalase       
AB004775 catA  catalase       
AB004799   ascorbate oxidase       
AB004813 AOX1b, AOX1a  alternative oxidase       
AB004814   NLS receptor       
AB004819 Rep1  cysteine endopeptidase       
AB004864 AOX1a  alternative oxidase       
AB004865 AOX1b  alternative oxidase       
AB005290 rsigA  plastid RNA polymerase sigma factor  putative     
AB005620 RFL         
AB006188   acidic class III chitinase OsChib3a       
AB006788   importin alpha       
AB006808 rmuA  RMUA  The predicted ORF has a putative transposase domain and should concern with tranposition of Rice Mutator element. Homology search gives high score to this ORF to say this is a homolog of mudrA gene of maize autonoumous MuDR regulatory element. However, we have not yet know this element is an true autonoumous one or not. At least, this element should be one of derivatives from autonomous element of Rice Mutator.     
AB007120 hemH  ferrochelatase       
AB007193   fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase  cytosolic isoform     
AB007194   fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase  plastidic isoform     
AB007404   alanine aminotransferase  AlaAT     
AB007405   alanine aminotransferase  AlaAT     
AB007452 Aox1(Ao1-1)  alternative oxidase       
AB007501   squalene synthase       
AB007623 HOS3    homeobox gene     
AB007624 HOS9    homeobox gene     
AB007625 HOS13    homeobox gene     
AB007626 HOS16    homeobox gene     
AB007627 HOS58    homeobox gene     
AB007628 HOS59    homeobox gene     
AB007629 HOS66    homeobox gene     
AB008519 Nrt2  high affinity nitrate transporter       
AB008794 Wx    Wxb allele    Waxy 
AB008795 Wx         
AB008845   NADH dependent Glutamate Synthase       
AB009592 RGRC2  cytosolic glutathione reductase  Amino Acids 1-496     
AB009665   water channel protein      rice water channel gene-1 
AB010740   OsS5a       
AB010876 OsGLP1  germin-like protein 1       
AB011262   nuclear transport factor 2 (NTF2)       
AB011270   importin-beta1       
AB011271   importin-beta2       
AB011367 lip9  LIP9       
AB011368 lip5  LIP5       
AB011416   glutamyl-tRNA reductase       
AB011967 OsPK4  OsPK4  protein kinase     
AB011968 OsPK7  OsPK7  protein kinase     
AB012107 RINO1  myo-inositol phosphate synthase       
AB012392   MuDR-like element       
AB012605   MRL      mannose-binding rice lectin 
AB012765 OVP1  ovp1       
AB012766 OVP2  ovp2       
AB012855   chitinase       
AB012915   starch debranching enzyme  pullulanase     
AB013448 PIB  Pib       
AB013449 PIB  Pib       
AB013451 PibH8    NBS-LRR type resistance gene     
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