C. elegans questionnaire results ( period : 2005/9/13-12/25, answers : 132 )
  Q1 : Did you find the information you required?   Q2 : Did you feel frustrated while accessing this website?
  Q3 : Any comments? (suggestions or opinions?)
        ( The answer from the administrator is added under the comment. )
Ability to do bulk downloads of datasets would be very useful
  It will be available if technically possible (at the website).

Could you please include more info on your oligos (i.e. 5' internal, 3' external, ...) . Thanks for a great job
  We have already done it.

guidelines for providing feedback on C. elegans mutants should be clearer
  There is no universal standard. Examples are posted on our website. If the information is useful for other researchers, that's great and you will be appreciated.

I am using mozilla 1.5 and the background is grey and the type invisible unless you scroll over it! It is almost unreadable
  We investigated this. But, we can't deal with this because this problem depends on the browser. Please change the setting of the browser.

make email contact information available
  The FAQ&CONTACT page was made.

may-be allow searching by gene name, not only cosmid number
  I think it's already possible.

please provide programatical access to the mutant database (via webservices or enterprise java beans)
  If you contact the NBRP administorator(nbrp@chanko.lab.nig.ac.jp) directly, we will look into it.

When a deletion is prepared, have a automatically generated email sent to the requester.
  We don't think that requesters are not alone to use the mutants. You can also ask us for mutants you have not placed screening requests.

It would be great if I could have an account and view the status of all of the genes for which I have submitted a request. Otherwise it can be hard to keep track. Thanks very much!
  Now under consideration (Improving retrieval function)

The "SEARCH" link on the home page is spelled incorrectly.
  Thank you for the point. We corrected it.

please make it easier to obtain worm strains. Thanks!
  We spend maximum efforts to do all these works. Thus, at the moment, we have to give more priority to the researchers who indeed analyze over those who receive mutant only to freeze.

When I looked up information on a specific allele, a link to how to obtain it would have been helpful.
  You need to send MTAs to the core facility. MTA form is common to all the mutants.

having the date you found the mutation
  Please teach purposing.
If you contact the NBRP administorator(nbrp@chanko.lab.nig.ac.jp), we will look into it.

And we have also received other comments beside those stated above. Thanks you.

Thank you for your cooperation.