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Aim of the database
There will be no doubt in the importance of cell-specific promoters, which drive expression of downstream genes in specific subsets of cells, in various fields of C. elegans research. These promoters can be used as promoter::GFP fusions to mark specific cells, or to express a gene of interest in particular cells to determine the site of action of the gene. However, we often encounter difficulties in finding the best promoters that meet our needs. Information on each promoter given in published papers is not always sufficient from practical views.
We therefore launched to construct "A C. elegans Promoter/Marker Database" to share detailed information on cell-specific promoters and cell markers among members of the C. elegans community. This database was designed to allow you to search and deposit the promoter/marker information of your interest as easy as possible.
We welcome your cooperation (in data inputs, bug reports, proposals, etc.). We hope the database will facilitate to promote free exchange of unpublished information on promoters worldwide.
(1) Any member of the community can upload the data.
We have already deposited some data, however this is not enough and is also highly biased. You are really welcome to deposit your data into the database. Only your cooperation can improve our/your database! WARNING: No one can guarantee the precision of the data, although administrators will check the quality of each piece of data before making it open to the public. -Please use the data carefully.
(2) Many of the data are unpublished.
These data cannot be quoted in a paper without the author's permission. Please be sure to have permission from the authors before publication.
(3) The administrators will not mediate the interaction between users and authors.
Please contact the authors/registrants directly to ask details of the data, or for plasmid request, etc.
(4) In case of errors/bugs.
If you find any incorrect data or errors in the database, please contact .
(5) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Fluorescent proteins are covered by patent rights.
Fluorescent proteins such as mutated green fluorescent proteins (GFP), which are widely used as reporters, are covered by patent rights. The patent rights are applied to both profit and nonprofit purposes. Regardless of academic or non-academic use, distribution is highly restricted. If you would like to know the details of patent coverage, please contact Aurora Bioscience Co. Ltd.
How to use the database - Data retrieval -
(1) Global/Field Search: the data with the keyword are searched from the whole data set/from the specified field.
(2) You can display all data by selecting "Plasmid List"
How to use the database -Data registration-
(1) Input registrant's data
  In advance of registration of promoter/marker data, personal data (name, contact address, e-mail address) should be submitted. Once personal data is registered, these data are automatically entered when you type in your e-mail address.
(2) Input data
  Any kinds of data are welcome. We would also like to encourage you to submit the data that are already exhibited in a paper. However, please do not submit data such as unpublished data of other researchers, or data that you do not wish to make open to the public.
(3) Upload to the database
  Submitted data are not directly uploaded to the database, for the safety of the database. When the data is submitted, e-mail is sent to both the registrant and the administrator. Then, after the administrator checks the contents, it will come out in the public-access database. Hence the registered data may not show up immediately. Please be patient.
(4) Batch upload
  We welcome you to upload multiple data. In such cases, please contact . We accept files with any data format, i.e. excel, filemaker or plain text. We will register your data onto the database.
How to use the database -Edit existing data-
You can edit your data after the initial submission. You are welcome to add updated/more detailed data. In case of correction of data that were submitted by another person, please send an e-mail to . We will contact the registrant and try to organize the contents of the data. Or, you can submit your own data separately, which is also fine.
How to use the database -Delete existing data-
You can not delete your data directly. If you would like to delete data, please contact .
This database was established by nematode researcher community volunteers, on the web server provided by the National BioResource Project (NBRP) in Japan. It is designed for the entire worm research community, and the management of the database will be directed by the consensus of all the members of the worm research community. We need your active participation and opinions to improve our database. Finally, you are always welcome to join the committee.

[A C. elegans promoter/marker database committee]
Hiroshi Kagoshima( National Institute of Genetics )
Yuichi Iino( University of Tokyo )
Takeshi Ishihara( Kyushu University )
Hideto Kuroyanagi( Tokyo Medical and Dental University )
Shohei Mitani( Tokyo Women's Medical University )
Yukiko Yamazaki( National Institute of Genetics )