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NBRP C. elegans is charging the handling and shipping fee to the recipients of strains. This action is regulated by the Japanese government. The fee is 1,000 Japanese Yen per strain (2,000 JPY for profit companies). Please pay the amount when you receive the Invoice attached with an e-mail. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please visit our payment system Website as informed in the Invoice enclosed with the strains. You can pay the amount of money by credit cards for each shipping. If you have problem to access our payment system website, please send an e-mail to the Core Facility (Mitani Laboratory) so that we can send back the website URL link.
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Allele Index (tm) :
No. Sequence Name CGC Name  Allele
232 C30A5.7 unc-86 tm232
233 ZK154.4 ZK154.4 tm233
234 C54C6.2 ben-1 tm234
235 ZK783.4 flt-1 tm235
236 C24A8.3 pqn-15 tm236
237 C17H12.9 ceh-48 tm237
238 C36F7.1 irx-1 tm238
239 C33D12.1 ceh-31 tm239
240 F42G2.6 F42G2.6 tm240
241 C18B12.3 dsc-1 tm241
242 T13C5.4 ceh-54 tm242
243 B0464.5a spk-1 tm243
244 C10G8.7 ceh-33 tm244
245 W05E10.3 ceh-32 tm245
246 C44C1.4a vps-45 tm246
248 F45C12.15 F45C12.15 tm248
249 ZC64.4 lim-4 tm249
250 D1007.1 ceh-17 tm250
251 C37E2.4 ceh-36 tm251
252 C39E6.4 mls-2 tm252
253 C37E2.5 ceh-37 tm253
254 C37E2.5 ceh-37 tm254
256 F22A3.5 ceh-60 tm256
257 C25B8.1 kqt-1 tm257
258 K12H4.1 ceh-26 tm258
259 ZK1193.5 dve-1 tm259
260 R07B1.1 vab-15 tm260
261 T26C11.6 ceh-21 tm261
262 F22A3.5 ceh-60 tm262
263 C30A5.7 unc-86 tm263
264 R04A9.5a R04A9.5a tm264
265 T26C11.7 ceh-39 tm265
266 T26C11.6 ceh-21 tm266
267 C33D12.7 ceh-30 tm267
268 C40H5.5 ttx-3 tm268
269 W03A5.1 W03A5.1 tm269
270 C27A12.5 ceh-2 tm270
271 C34C6.8 ceh-7 tm271
272 C33D12.7 ceh-30 tm272
273 C49C3.5 C49C3.5 tm273
275 C17C3.10 hlh-27 tm275
276 C18A3.8 hlh-14 tm276
277 F38C2.2 hlh-17 tm277
278 F40H6.4 tbx-11 tm278
279 F38C2.2 hlh-17 tm279
280 C44C10.8 hnd-1 tm280
281 ZK682.4 hlh-10 tm281
282 F21H11.3 tbx-2 tm282
284 F31A3.4 hlh-29 tm284
287 C17C3.8 hlh-26 tm287
288 F26B1.7 let-381 tm288
289 F22D3.6 + F22D3.1 malt-1 + ceh-38 tm289
290 ZK783.1 fbn-1 tm290
291 ZC404.8 spn-4 tm291
292 F40H3.4 fkh-8 tm292
293 F40H3.4 fkh-8 tm293
294 F17A9.3 F17A9.3 tm294
295 C18A3.8 hlh-14 tm295
296 F45H11.5 F45H11.5 tm296
297 C27D6.4 C27D6.4 tm297
299 T15H9.3 hlh-6 tm299
300 T26C11.1 tbx-41 tm300