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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0230   v1 re;; [int]
Q0426   y1 cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; [int] tw
Q0426.1   cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; [int] tw
Q0477   y1 cm1 mf B1; fe/Co dp; [int]
Q0531   y1 cp dg;; dk-m [int]
Q0534   y1 cp dg;; dk2?
Q0536   y1 cp dg;; dk2?
Q0673   y1 cm ct-w; m-w dp; (pr) c1/+ a3-Mr/+
Q0681   v1; m-n1 dp; di
Q0964   dw y1 dp-pt; dp; [int]
Q1005   Co;; [int]
Q1018   y1 m-1 ig?;; [int]
Q1027   dg we;;
Q1032   Co-H dg;; wv [int]
Q1093   y1 cp; m-1 dp; [int] tw
Q1098   y1 cp; m-1 dp; [int] tw
AK138 Q531  dk2