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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0010   Co-H;; white
Q0011   Co-H;; white
Q0057 White  Ipomoea quamoclit: white
Q0080   purpurea:
Q0128   v1 re dg;; [wht]
Q0134   re dg;; [wht]
Q0201   v1 re dg; [wht] mg pr
Q0209   v1 re;; [lt] a3-Bz
Q0217   v1 re;; [wht]
Q0220   ct-w cm Co;; [wht]
Q0225   y1 re Co;; [wht] (sp?)
Q0227   v1 re;; [wht]
Q0233   v1 re dg;; [wht] tr
Q0252   v1 dg;; [wht]
Q0260   dg;; c1 mg
Q0261   ;; r1-3
Q0262   v1;; r3-4
Q0263   ;; ca
Q0264   v1 Co-H;; ca
Q0312   ct dg;; a3?
Q0316   dw cp;; [wht]
Q0321.1   dw py p-p cs? cu?;; [wht]
Q0322   dw cp B1;; [wht]
Q0325   dw re dg;; [wht]
Q0340   dw y1-m;; a3?
Q0342   dw y1 dg;; a3?
Q0347   dw dg;; [wht]
Q0370   dw dg;; pr fd
Q0402   B1 cm1 mf1; fe dp; c1 mg
Q0405   y1 cm1 mf1; fe dp; c1 pr tw
Q0408   y1 cm1 mf1; fe dp; c1 (pr)
Q0410   y1 cm1 mf1; fe dp; c1 tw
Q0412   cm1; fe(/Co) dp dl; c1
Q0413   cm1 mf1 Co we2; fe dp; c1
Q0421   y1 cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; c1
Q0423   y1 cm1 mf1; fe/Co dp; c1
Q0430   y1 B1 cm1 Co (cp); fe dl dp; c1
Q0431   y1 cm1 mf1; fe dp; c1
Q0439   cm1 B1/+; fe dl dp; c1
Q0440   cm1; fe dp dl; c1
Q0455   y1 B1 cm1; fe dp dl; c1
Q0457.1   y1 cm1; fe/Co dp; c1
Q0457.2   y cm; fe/co;
Q0459   y1 cm1; fe/Co dp mi m-1; c1
Q0462   y1 dg Co; fe mi dp; c1
Q0475   y1 cm1 mf B1; fe dp; c1 mg
Q0501   m-1;; c1
Q0520   cp; dp; ca
Q0535   m-1 B1;; c1
Q0542   ac;; [wht]