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Cultiver name Gene type Images
Q0138   v1 re dg Gb;; sp [lt]
Q0157   v1 re dg;; a3-Bz
Q0187   y1 re dg;; dy
Q0194   v1 re dg;; [lt]
Q0200   v1 re dg;; dy
Q0207   v1 re;; [lt] tw
Q0209   v1 re;; [lt] a3-Bz
Q0350   dw dg cp;; tw
Q0508   m-1 dg;; [lt]
Q0544   ac v1; m-w; tw
Q0578   v1 Co ct ct-w;; a3-Mr
Q0579   wr Co ct-w;; [lt]
Q0583   v1 ct-w Co wr;; [lt] fd?
Q0640   dl; m dp; [lt]
Q0713   s-1;; [lt] a3-Mr
Q0716   s-1 dg cm dp-pt;; tw
Q0759   s-1 tn1 tn2;; [lt] hw a3-Bz?
Q0848   y1 ct cm Co;; [lt] a3-Mr
Q0914   we dg;; [lt] dark
Q1013   dw;;
Q1021   py;; tw
Q1029   Co-H dg;; hw
Q1129.2   purpurea:
Q1228   v1 re dg;; [lt] fd? Tw
AK408 Summer Skies