Gene Detail

Gene Class : fe

Gene Symbol fe
Gene Name feathered
Chr.No 2 Map Position 1.2
Gene ID INIL02g39739 RRC ID 2173
Wild type allele AB220969 Mutant allele -
Feature Recessive allele of feathered. Cotyledon slightly crumpled. Flower feathery; frequently with abnormalities in sexual organs. Fertility low. Japanese. name "ranzisi" Cotyledon and leaf greatly crumpled or rolled. Corolla feathery with additional petaloid appendages sometimes irregularly split. Fertility usually either low or perfectly sterile. Japanese. name "sisi"
Notes KAN1 ortholog controlling abaxial organ development. Mutant gene contains Tpn102 insertion in the C-terminal region. All fe mutants have the same gene structure (Iwasaki and Nitasaka 2006)
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