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Life / Eukarya / Plantae / Rhodophyta / Rhodellophyceae / Rhodellales / Rhodellaceae

Rhodella (NIES-1036, 1037, 1972)

  • Yokoyama, A., Sato, K. & Hara, Y. (2004) The generic delimitation of Rhodella (Porphyridiales, Rhodophyta) with emphasis on ultrastructure and molecular phylogeny. Hydrobiologia 512: 177-183.                     

Unicellular red algae inhabitting in marine.

Cells possess a sigle lobed to many discoid chloroplasts, which are red, olive-green or blue-green in color. Chloroplasts contain B-phycoerythrin (Rhodella) or C-phycoerythrin (Dixoniella), but Glaucosphaera lacks phycoerythrin. Rhodella lacks the peripheral thylakoid. Stigma-like droplets are sometimes present in chloroplasts. Cells glide on substrate. Mannitol is reserved as low molecular weight carbohydrates. Golgi body is associated with nucleus or ER. Asexual reproduction by binary fission, sexual reproduction is unknown.

Rhodella sp. (NIES-1037)